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The Future of Pancreatic Cancer Research

November 29, 2012

Hello everyone,

It’s been great blogging this month and this is my final post. Over the last several weeks I’ve talked about some of the exciting areas of research we’re working on in pancreatic cancer. This is a cancer with very few effective treatments and research into new treatments and detection methods is urgently needed.

Pancreatic cancer was a cancer that historically did not receive a lot of attention, but this is starting to change in a big way. This year’s Inspiration Gala in support of pancreatic cancer was a huge success, bringing pancreatic cancer research to the forefront in B.C. In addition, pancreatic cancer research is gaining attention Canada-wide with the help of organizations such as Pancreatic Cancer Canada, an organization focused on improving awareness, research and patient support for pancreatic cancer.

The future of pancreatic cancer research is exciting. As I discussed last week, we have cutting-edge technology and leading scientists working here at the BC Cancer Agency. In addition to the work going on in B.C., there is a significant focus on pancreatic cancer by researchers worldwide. Our understanding of pancreatic cancer biology is constantly improving and there are numerous new anti-cancer drugs in development. We hope to make significant strides in improving outcomes for this disease in the near future.

Thanks for reading my blog – it’s been great having a chance to discuss the progress in pancreatic cancer research. If you would like more information on our research or pancreatic cancer in general, please check out the websites of the BC Cancer Foundation, the BC Cancer Agency and Pancreatic Cancer Canada.

All the best,