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Introducing December guest blogger Dr. François Bénard

December 8, 2017

Thank you to our November guest blogger Dr. Kader for discussing the impact of Jingle Mingle in advancing research and enhancing care at the BC Cancer Vancouver Island Centre.

We are pleased to welcome back to our blog Dr. François Bénard, vice-president of research at BC Cancer, for the month of December.

Dr. Bénard’s most recent work in the production of rare isotopes for cancer therapy secured a $3.95 million grant from the Canadian Foundation for Innovation, leveraged by BC Cancer Foundation donors. In his role as vice-president of research, Dr. Bénard has worked to improve clinical support across BC Cancer’s six centres, in turn increasing capacity for research output.

This month, Dr. Bénard will discuss the research highlights of the past year and the importance of end of year giving in fueling new developments at BC Cancer.

Thanks for reading,