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Introducing Dr. Marianne Sadar

March 5, 2012

Thank you Courteney Lai, Graduate Student (PhD), for sharing your behind the scenes experience at the BC Cancer Agency Research Centre, in the Terry Fox Laboratory. Your post explaining blood cancers and leukemia was interesting, and I wish you good luck in the next steps of your career.

Now, here we are in March, and I’m excited to introduce our next guest blogger, Dr. Marianne Sadar. She is the Provincial Program Leader for Prostate Cancer Research at the BC Cancer Agency. Dr. Sadar is a leading researcher in B.C. –her work has attracted international attention from the research and patient communities alike. Dr. Sadar will blog about her work at the BC Cancer Agency researching advanced prostate cancer. And, she will share one of her “eureka” discovery moments with us. She is a tireless advocate for the role of philanthropy in research and is a champion at connecting her research findings to patients and their support networks.

Thank you for reading,