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Introducing March Guest Bloggers: Drs. Jessica McAlpine and Aly Karsan

March 1, 2016

Thank you to our February guest blogger, Dr. Malcolm Moore, who shared some very interesting thoughts on philanthropy and research, and what he sees for the future of cancer care.

This month, we’re excited to welcome Drs. Jessica McAlpine and Aly Karsan, both of whom recently received BC Cancer Foundation Clinical Investigator Awards.

The Clinical Investigator Awards were established in 2013, the result of a $1.5 million gift to the Foundation from Thomas Tait.

Shortlisted candidates are selected from a group of high caliber applicants by a panel representing leading cancer research institutions across North America.

Following a rigorous competition, Drs. Kim Chi and David Scott were the first two recipients of the Award, which provides five-year funding for BC Cancer Agency clinician-researchers, giving them opportunity to dramatically alter cancer care for patients in BC.

Following this first competition, the Foundation committed to raising $4.5 million to support an additional six BC Cancer Foundation Clinical Investigators over a period of five years.

Join me in reading along this month to learn more about Drs. McAlpine and Karsan, as they share more about their work on endometrial cancer that begins in the uterus, and blood cancer, respectively.