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Introducing May guest bloggers Drs. Ryna Levy Milne and Kristin Campbell

May 2, 2017

I’d like to thank our April guest blogger, Dr. Anna Tinker, for sharing her work on the immunotherapy trials planned for ovarian and cervical cancers this year at the BC Cancer Agency. It is, as she says, an exciting time for cancer research and care here in British Columbia. We are thrilled to be supporting this innovative work, which is providing new hope for patients today.

I’m pleased to introduce our guest bloggers for the month of May – Drs. Ryna Levy Milne and Kristin Campbell.

Dr. Levy Milne is the provincial director of therapeutic oncology services at the BC Cancer Agency, and Dr. Campbell is an affiliate scientist at the BC Cancer Agency Research Centre and the director of the Clinical Exercise Physiology Laboratory at the University of British Columbia.

Both collaborated on the groundbreaking Nutrition and Exercise During Adjuvant Treatment (NExT) study. The study, funded by the BC Cancer Foundation, looks at the impact of healthy eating and exercise on women with breast cancer.

Drs. Levy Milne and Campbell will update the BC Cancer community on the findings and discuss what lies in store for the second phase of the study.

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