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The Jambor-McCarthy legacy: A $21.4 million Gift Twenty Years in the Making

May 24, 2012

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…just a brief interruption of Dr. Shah’s posts, to share some exciting breaking news:

This morning, we announced the largest charitable bequest to a single beneficiary in British Columbia’s history. The late John Jambor gifted the astounding $21.4 million Jambor-McCarthy legacy to the BC Cancer Foundation, together with William P.J. McCarthy, businessman, Jambor’s grandson, and executor of his estate.

The Jambor-McCarthy legacy will accelerate improvements in cancer outcomes and improve the long-term health and wellness of thousands of cancer patients with a $15 million permanent endowment for cancer research and education, the $5 million William P.J. McCarthy Chair of Cancer Research at the BC Cancer Agency, as well as $1.4 million in support of community cancer care.

John Jambor’s generosity, built on the principles he lived by – work hard, live well, give back – has truly set an example for others of what can be achieved through the partnership of philanthropy and research.

I invite you to read more about the announcement here, and please be sure to watch our special Jambor-McCarthy Legacy recognition video currently linked from our homepage here.

Thank you for reading and now back to Dr. Shah