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Lymphoid Cancer Research at the BC Cancer Agency

January 14, 2015

Thanks to the generosity of BC Cancer Foundation donors, lymphoid cancer researchers like Dr. Randy Gascoyne are expanding their knowledge of the disease so the best treatment solutions can be offered to patients in B.C. and beyond.

In the past ten years, the BC Cancer Agency has become a world leader in lymphoid cancer research. But while newly-discovered therapies are improving the outlook for many patients diagnosed with lymphoid cancer, for others, treatment failure remains a reality.

In the coming decade, Dr. Gascoyne and his colleagues will seek to identify the individual genomic factors that contribute to treatment failure and discover new therapeutic combinations that will ensure success.

The achievement of this vision will require focused leadership, the expansion of research programs and continued dedication to improving patient outcomes. With this foundation in place, researchers will:

  • investigate a personalized treatment strategy for lymphoid cancer, using B.C. as a real world laboratory for creating a cost-effective, genomically-based model of care; and
  • uncover the causes of treatment failure in lymphoid cancer, focusing on patients facing the most aggressive sub-types of the disease: follicular lymphoma and diffuse large b-cell lymphoma.

Greater knowledge of lymphoid cancer will enable clinicians to make informed decisions and offer more effective therapies to patients. BC Cancer Foundation donors are making a powerful and lasting impact on this disease – thank you for being our partners in discovery.