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Multi-Tasking at the BC Cancer Agency

February 20, 2015

As a radiation oncologist, my days are quite busy and I have both clinical and research duties. My primary role as a clinician is to provide the most patient-centric care. I use evidence-based data from the latest research and clinical trials to present potential treatment options, benefits and risks to my patients. My patients are always partners in this decision making and together we map out a care plan in the hopes of achieving the best outcome.

When I am not in the clinic or operating room, I work with the radiation therapy team (which includes a medical physicist, dosimetrist and radiation therapist) to generate highly individualized treatment plans. With the latest advances in radiation therapy technologies such as Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT), Image Guided Radiation Therapy (IGRT), On Board Imaging (OBI), Cone Beam CT Scanning (CBCT) and RapidArc technology, we are able to precisely target cancer cells while minimizing damage to the surrounding tissue and therefore reduce treatment-related side effects.

I am also involved in research, clinical trials and teaching medical students, oncology residents and fellows at the BC Cancer Agency Abbotsford Centre. My research interest is mainly lung, breast and esophageal malignancy. I am also the B.C. principal investigator of a national BRACHY study that investigates the role of brachytherapy in lung cancer patients. I am currently writing a research protocol that examines the role of brachytherapy in combination with external beam radiotherapy in esophageal cancer patients. Clinical research in oncology is essential in order to continue to improve how we treat and manage cancer. I am certain that every day, we are moving a step closer to finding a cure.