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My journey to the BC Cancer – Victoria

November 9, 2017


My name is Sam Kader and I’m excited to be blogging for the BC Cancer Foundation leading up to Jingle Mingle on November 30, proceeds from which will help advance research and enhance care at BC Cancer – Victoria.

My father was a high school biology teacher. He instilled in me a strong interest in science. When I was growing up, and was quite young then, perhaps about 12, I accidentally came across some of his textbooks and that got me interested in pursuing the field. That led me to medical school in Cairo, and years later, into internal medicine and oncology in England. For the last 20 years, I have been a practicing oncologist in Canada – and what a privilege this has been!

As a radiation oncologist and the regional medical director of BC Cancer – Victoria, much of my time is dedicated to cancer care and treatment and a bit of administration work too. A very important part of my job, however, is to create the right environment and the ability for my colleagues to be able to engage in research. I am honored to be working with a team that is dedicated to advancing cancer knowledge and care in this meaningful and promising way.

Now, I feel very privileged to work as an oncologist because it’s an opportunity to help others. Every time I’m able to help a patient, whether that’s in curing them or alleviating their pain and suffering, it gives me a great deal of fulfillment. I also feel very privileged to be a part of a team of talented oncologists at the Centre who are dedicated to achieving that same end.

I truly believe teamwork is essential to ensure we are able to secure the very best outcomes for patients. Every individual that I work with at BC Cancer – Victoria is highly motivated and dedicated with a great work ethic. They don’t do the work because it’s what is expected of them; they do it because they expect it of themselves. Everyone gives so much of themselves, which inspires and humbles me every day.

Much of the research that we partake in wouldn’t be possible without teamwork, and this is critical in our mission at BC Cancer – Victoria.  A fairly large number of research projects are active at the Centre; but we want to build and improve on this.  It is a big goal for me to have the opportunity available for all patients to be able to participate in research projects that are relevant to their diagnosis.

Next week, I’ll discuss in more detail some of the research projects underway at BC Cancer – Victoria.

Thanks for reading,

Dr. Sam Kader