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One last thing…

December 30, 2011

It is my tenet, and I use this for my children as well as my students, that one’s objective in any situation is to make it better. To stand back and observe, and then engage in a way that makes it better. It can be a simple game in the schoolyard gone awry or an operating room that has run into catastrophe. Anyone can observe the obvious negatives, and a few can envision positive change, but the real achievement is to enact to make transparent, visible, palpable positive change. That is the marker of success.

I am resolute that BrainCare BC adheres to that fundamental—to do otherwise would be a dishonour to all those who have supported it.

We are now entering a brilliant phase of cancer cure discovery. I am convinced that our work over the next three to five years will make the success of the last five years seem relatively trivial. And quite frankly, that means that now, even more than before, we need the continued support and loyalty of the BC Cancer Foundation and its supporters.

I am very proud of what BrainCare BC has done to protect, maintain and restore the humanity that brain cancers threaten. We truly are committed to research that benefits patients and are striving to improve and expand care across B.C. Our care teams bring a patient-focused approach to all that they do so that they can address the unique physical and psychosocial challenges of brain cancer for both patients and their families.

It is my conviction that BrainCare BC will always make a difference and that this year is better than last year—I will forever be accountable to that.

With that I leave you. I wish you all a very safe and Merry Christmas and a Happy Hanukkah.

With highest regards,