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Our dedicated effort at the BC Cancer Agency

December 14, 2011

We have expanded our brain tumour team (in the Neuro-Oncology Group) with the addition of patient and family counsellors, nurses, and occupational therapists. These professionals ensure that all facets of care are attended to, including blood tests, X-ray results, wound healing and beyond.
We have decreased the wait times for consultation, treatment, testing, imaging, and even surgery. Less waiting means less apprehension and less time lost.

We have consolidated the brain tumour care team into one visible team that is gathered together physically as well as strategically—providing a much more powerful and efficient model for decision-making and information gathering.

Previous care systems were designed to make life convenient for the physicians, which meant a lot of running around for the patients: from one hospital, to another clinic, to another lab, to another physician, and so on.
Our current system is meant to unify the organization in a much more patient-focused and patient-centered structure.

Even before the first treatments are started, it is our intention to guarantee that the person who just absorbed the brain cancer diagnosis is truly cared for. As I said in my previous post, we care first and we care foremost; that the humanity of the patient is protected and maintained; and that control, that is, the freedom to decide, is returned.