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What I like about the Kelowna centre

April 14, 2011

Not only did I find my career focus in Edmonton, but while training I met my wife. Her family is from the Okanagan and we’re both outdoor enthusiasts, so we always had Kelowna in mind as somewhere we wanted to live.

By 2003, an opportunity surfaced and I joined the BC Cancer Agency’s team in Kelowna at the Centre for the Southern Interior. I’ve been here ever since. I now have three children, and my family loves Kelowna life.

One of the things that drew me to working at the Agency’s Centre for the Southern Interior was the collegiality of the team here — they are happy and have a great vision. I was excited to join that team as a radiation oncologist and am quite happy to say the same collegiality continues today and remains an attractive feature of the work atmosphere. The provincial mandate of the Agency is also appealing, in that we share a common vision and are constantly collaborating.

As Kelowna is not a big city, the Centre also has as a small town feel to it. When I pass someone in the hallway, I either know their name or easily recognize them. It’s something I really like and has a cheerful feel to it.