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World-Renowned Researchers Drs. Connie & Allen Eaves’ 50-Year Legacy Honoured with Dedicated BC Cancer Clinical Service Lab

December 4, 2023

Drs. Connie and Allen Eaves

The BC Cancer Foundation is proud to announce the unveiling of the newly named Eaves Stem Cell Assay Laboratory at BC Cancer’s L.J. Blackmore Cancer Research Centre. This announcement further solidifies the remarkable fifty-year legacy of Drs. Connie and Allen Eaves in transforming global cancer research and treatment.

Located on the 13th floor of the research centre, the Eaves Stem Cell Assay Laboratory is an advanced clinical laboratory supporting BC Cancer’s Leukemia Bone Marrow Transplant Program and related research initiatives. The lab is home to a team of dedicated staff and their work has provided unique support to both clinicians and scientists, many of whom have been personally mentored by Drs. Connie and Allen Eaves.

“Drs. Connie and Allen Eaves have truly transformed the landscape of cancer research on a global scale, and their impact on the next generation of scientists is immeasurable,” says Sarah Roth, President & CEO, BC Cancer Foundation. “We are privileged to recognize their achievements and lasting influence on BC Cancer and beyond.”

For five decades, Drs. Connie and Allen Eaves have been at the forefront of cancer and stem cell research, leading to groundbreaking discoveries and advances. Their journey at BC Cancer began in the 1970s as they helped establish its initial research program and continued into the early 1980s as they co-founded BC Cancer’s Terry Fox Laboratory. Dr. Connie Eaves continues to work from the lab. Following his retirement from BC Cancer, Dr. Allen Eaves went on to build STEMCELL Technologies, which has contributed over $3 million to the BC Cancer Foundation to further support cancer research.

Their longstanding commitment to mentorship, particularly of trainees and early-career investigators, as well as their advocacy for women and underrepresented groups in science, exemplify their dedication to creating a better world through scientific advancements.

“We are very honoured to see this history recognized,” said Drs. Connie and Allen Eaves. “Importantly, we also wish to acknowledge the hundreds of passionate trainees and inspired new investigators who have worked along side us as their contributions are integral to these achievements.”

Dr. Connie Eaves has made significant contributions to the understanding of leukemia and breast cancer biology. Her pioneering research, including the identification of quiescent cancer stem cells, has revolutionized cancer treatments and research methodologies worldwide. BC Cancer’s Rising Stars Awards, which honours the next generation leaders in research and is supported by the Foundation, was inspired by her long-time advocacy for equal opportunities in science.

Dr. Allen Eaves, the original initiator of the Leukemia/Bone Marrow Transplant Program of BC, made significant contributions as the long-time Head of Hematology within BC Cancer and UBC. In 1993, he founded STEMCELL Technologies, which has become Canada’s largest biotechnology company, developing cutting-edge products and services for the global life sciences community.

The Eaves are both Officers of the Order of Canada, hold numerous patents and cumulatively have published over 700 papers in peer-reviewed scientific journals.

The naming of the Eaves Stem Cell Assay Laboratory marks a significant milestone in cancer research, furthering the legacy of Drs. Connie and Allen Eaves. Their dedication to scientific excellence and their commitment to improving lives through research will continue to inspire future generations of scientists and drive innovations in cancer treatment.


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