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Better cancer care, closer to home in the Southern Interior

Today was the official opening of the new and improved radiation therapy treatment unit and a brachytherapy suite in the BC Cancer Agency’s Centre for the Southern Interior. This is really important because we know that the further a patient has to travel for their care, the more stressful it is, and the larger the financial burden it places on them and their family. And until the new BC Cancer Agency Centre for the North opens in 2012, the Southern Interior continues seeing patients for radiation therapy from everywhere in the province outside of the Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island. For...

It’s a brand new Weekend

We officially launched the 2010 Weekend to End Women’s Cancers this week, and I’m excited that this year, it’s a brand new Weekend. Let me tell you why. You may have noticed that the name has changed. The Weekend to End Breast Cancer has been the most successful fundraising event for breast cancer research in B.C. history. We’ve raised over $16 million for breast cancer research and programs at the BC Cancer Agency – which led to a ground-breaking research discovery just a few months ago. We are on the right path. Launching the new Weekend at Sinclair Centre in Vancouver But researchers have...

Happy New Year!

This is a great opportunity for me to start the New Year with my first blog posting. Having been with the BC Cancer Foundation for a little over six months now, I can say with all honesty how impressed I am every day by the talent, skill and dedication of the scientists and researchers, and the high standard of care that is given to cancer patients in our province. I’m also amazed by the generosity of our donors who help fund this research and care. Thank you all for your support throughout the past year. But it’s the patients and survivors whose stories inspire the work we at the Foundation...