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New clinic to improve care for young cancer survivors

As we have discussed, survivors of childhood cancers have ongoing, long-term health problems known as late effects. As a result, they have special health care and screening needs. recall program in progress At the LEAF clinic, we’re organizing a “recall” program where we try to reconnect with cancer survivors who were treated in childhood and are lost to follow-up (this means that they may not have been seen for many years to check on how their health is). We want to make sure that survivors at high risk of late effects, such as heart disease, high blood pressure, second cancers and anxiety...

For survivors of childhood cancers, cure comes at a price

Hello, My name is Dr. Karen Goddard and I’m the medical director of the Adult Cancer Survivorship Program at BC Cancer. It’s a pleasure to be blogging once again for the BC Cancer Foundation and to share with you the importance of advancing research and care in this field. I have been working at BC Cancer for almost 30 years now and from the very beginning have been part of the BC Children’s Hospital pediatric oncology and the BC Cancer - Vancouver radiation oncology teams. I have cared for many children and adolescents with cancer as a member of these multidisciplinary teams. The majority of...

Introducing July guest blogger Dr. Karen Goddard

I am pleased to introduce Dr. Karen Goddard, radiation oncologist and medical director of the Adult Childhood Cancer Survivorship Program at BC Cancer, to the blog for July. Dr. Goddard’s focus is on enhancing care for adult survivors of childhood cancers – a demographic that faces unique medical care and monitoring throughout their lifetime. She will share why this program is essential to the health and longevitiy of people in our community who survive cancer as children. And, the ways in which our donors are helping address their critical care needs. Thank you for tuning in, Sarah


Hi again! My lab has been working on the effects of different diets on the incidence and growth rates of cancer for over 10 years now. Our findings to date suggest that a low carbohydrate diet coupled with omega 3 supplements and exercise may dramatically reduce your risk of getting cancer. So let’s break down these findings and discuss the best foods to eat to prevent cancer from developing. Diet, chronic inflammation and cancer So what happens right after we eat a typical Western meal, which consists of approximately 60% carbohydrates? These easily digestible carbs are composed of simple...

Dr. Krystal: 'We can reduce cancer by 90% by changing our diets'

Hi there, My name is Gerry Krystal and I’m a Distinguished Scientist at BC Cancer, pursuing ways in which we can better manage and prevent cancer. I’m excited to be blogging for the BC Cancer Foundation and to speak directly to you about the relationship between food and cancer prevention. Not too long ago it was believed that one had nothing to do with the other. Now we know that is far from true. Indeed, findings from our research suggest that we may be able to reduce the incidence of cancer by up to 90% by simply changing our diets and getting more exercise. Much of my work focuses on how...

Introducing June guest blogger Dr. Gerry Krystal

We are grateful to Dr. Rob Olson for updating our community on the great work taking place at BC Cancer – Prince George to enhance care for families across the region. It is inspiring to hear that BC Cancer continues to be at the forefront of discovery in the ever-evolving field of radiation oncology. I am pleased to welcome to our blog Dr. Gerry Krystal, distinguished scientist at BC Cancer, for the month of June. Dr. Krystal will explain how we can use nutrition to potentially prevent and even manage cancer. More to come, Sarah

How researchers are improving cancer outcomes in British Columbia's north

I have always been motivated by the challenge of pursuing a research career in a small centre where many said it would not be possible. Now I am proud to be working with a team of colleagues not only in the North, but across the province, the country, and the world. BC Cancer - Prince George, serving British Columbia's northern regions. It is important to do research centres in large cities, and often more efficient to bring together large teams, but also equally important to develop new research centres of excellence in locations that were previously overlooked. Not only does it expand...

How the iPad is revolutionizing cancer care in British Columbia

British Columbia’s northern region is vast at over 600,000 km 2 (approximately the size of France) and home to nearly 300,000 people, half of whom are now expected to face cancer in their lifetime. This means that there is an urgent need to develop newer and more effective methods to deliver and monitor treatment. Over the last five years my research team has lead two emerging research fields within radiation oncology to help address just that. They are known as patient reported outcomes (PROs) and precision radiotherapy for metastatic disease. A PRO is a health outcome directly reported by a...

Expanding cancer care in rural British Columbia

Hello, My name is Dr. Rob Olson. I am a radiation oncologist at the BC Cancer – Prince George, the primary centre of care for those with cancer across BC’s northern region, north of Kelowna. Dr. Robert Olson, radiation oncologist at BC Cancer - Prince George. It has been five years since my last blog and quite a number of breakthroughs have taken place in the field of radiation therapy since. The realm of cancer care for families in British Columbia’s north has undergone significant changes too. I’m very much looking forward to discussing these with you over the next few weeks, to highlight...

Introducing May guest blogger Dr. Rob Olson

Thank you to Dr. Bernie Eigl for sharing the impact of clinical trials on families in our province, and to the many patients who bravely shared their stories in support of this critical work. I am pleased to welcome to our blog Dr. Rob Olson, radiation oncologist at the BC Cancer - Prince George (Centre for the North). Dr. Olson will discuss how radiation oncology is rapidly evolving at the centre and how families across the region are benefitting from this world-class care. Thanks for reading, Sarah