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Beyond Belief

The last ten years have seen a revolution in cancer research and technology. With this campaign, we will advance innovation even further.
Advance Innovation

BC Cancer has a history of innovations that fast become the standard of care around the world.

Your support helps us rapidly accelerate the pace of that innovation.

Every step forward deepens our global understanding of cancer and uncovers new treatment options for everyone.

We will invest in programs like B-Precise, which has made several major breakthroughs in our understanding of breast cancers, as well as our Genomic Research initiatives that pursue the development of better, tailored treatments for patients based on their unique biology.

We will drive global advancements in experimental research, clinical trials and immunotherapy.

We will uncover insights into rare types of cancers we do not yet understand, and study how cancer is passed down through families to prevent it and catch it early.

We will develop new diagnostic techniques that improve accuracy, precision and patient outcomes for everyone in B.C.

This is a pivotal moment in cancer research, and with your help, we will take full advantage of the opportunity.

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