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Our people are world-renowned leaders in their fields. This is how we activate them, and help them go further.
Activate the world's best

BC Cancer is powered by its extraordinary people and world-leading teams. It’s time to help them go beyond belief.

In every region of the province, we will support those teams by attracting, retaining and training the next generation of cancer care scientists and clinical researchers. Programs like Rising Stars will uplift BIPOC and women leaders, and new opportunities on the leading edge of cancer research will attract new passionate scientists to the field.

We will invest in those teams, providing them with increased capacity, new infrastructure, the very best in tools, technology and data, and the runway to do the most important work of their lives.

We will provide critical training and mentorship through our Fellowship programs, and researchers to new partnerships across the province, the nation and even around the world.

We will give those teams the opportunities, the awards, the programming, and incentives to discover new breakthroughs that will benefit everyone.

Because we have an unprecedented opportunity to make real change.

The market is competitive, but so are we. When we empower our people, we accelerate progress, and bring a world free from cancer that much closer to reality.

When we invest in people, we invest in the future.

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