Critical Equipment

BC Cancer hosts world-renowned talent in the cancer research and treatment fields. However, these talented clinicians are only able to push the envelope in research and enhancements to care with the most innovative equipment available to them.

BC Cancer Foundation donors provide direct support to critical equipment needs that will foster state-of-the-art research and discoveries.

Our current critical equipment priorities include:

Support for Proteomic Expansion – Mass Spectrometer

Support for Proteomic Expansion at BC Cancer is currently our most strategic priority. This would entail the purchase of a Mass Spectrometer ($1.75M). 

To ensure the most effective technology is available to support the leading-edge research taking place at BC Cancer, including precision medicine research, expanding to identify protein analysis, it is critical that new Mass Spectrometer instruments be purchased. This technological advance now allows clinicians to comprehensively analyze very small amounts of patient tumour samples to identify biomarkers and potential drug targets. The technology is transformative in that it allows us to understand global cell functions at the protein level for about 75% of all proteins expressed in a cell.

The greatest promise for detecting and treating cancer is in the understanding of the molecular basis for the initiation and progression of the disease, and matching this with appropriate drugs to maximize the effectiveness of treatments.

Digital Pathology System

Purchase of this system would benefit research and patient care.  It would be used for biopsy analysis to identify biomarkers. A biomarker can be prognostic, predictive or both. The system is scalable with components of software and hardware, but overall the total cost is $500,000.

6-Degrees of Freedom Radiation Table

This table, specifically needed in Victoria and Kelowna, supports greater efficacy for radiation therapy enabling clinicians to better position the patient. This equipment enables high precision treatment. Each piece costs $500,000.

3-D Ultrasound for Breast Screening

A 3D ultrasound for breast screening is used in conjunction with 3D mammograms, and supports precision care to guide biopsies. The ultrasound would be used for a suspicious finding on mammography, or further diagnostic evaluation. Ultrasound is particularly helpful in distinguishing between a solid mass and a fluid-filled cyst, and is also useful in finding very small lesions that are too small to be felt at clinical exam. This piece of equipment costs $220,000.

To be a part of supporting one of our critical equipment needs in B.C., please contact:

Jan New
Associate Vice President, Principal Gifts



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