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Clinical Trials

With your support, clinical trials can dramatically improve the lives of thousands of British Columbians affected by cancer.

Dr. Bernie Eigl - Bladder Cancer Research

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Pardeep Khrod
Executive Director

Improving Cancer Outcomes Through Clinical Research

The pace of scientific discovery in cancer has never been faster. Clinical trials represent the pinnacle of excellent patient care, and a necessary step in the cutting-edge research that will deliver better cancer treatments.

BC Cancer is one of the most active clinical trials sites in the world. Over the past year, more than 120 cancer clinical trials, at all six cancer centres across B.C., were open, with over 800 patients participating. This is one of the reasons British Columbia is a global leader in cancer.

Clinical research is hard work, but the results are felt by real people and this is what keeps me going.

– Dr. Bernie Eigl, Medical Oncologist, BC Cancer

The Benefits are Clear

Continued investment in clinical trials will allow BC Cancer to contend with the large influx of cancer diagnoses estimated in the coming years.  New treatments discovered from these trials will reduce the financial burden on the health care system, deliver technological and infrastructure improvements to BC Cancer’s six cancer centres and benefit the health of generations to come.

Many of the treatments we have today are available thanks to people who volunteered to take part in a clinical trial.

Your support for clinical research will:
  • Improve cancer survival
  • Reduce side effects for patients
  • Increase access to new therapies
  • Accelerate recruitment of leading scientific and medical talent
  • Spur additional grants

Current Clinical Research in Need of Funding:

Increasing Clinical Trial Capacity

The Canadian Cancer Clinical Trials Network (3CTN) initiative aims to increase capability at regional sites to conduct academic trials and improve patient outcomes.  It focuses on improving site performance and collaboration and on facilitating national trial initiatives.

BC Cancer has partnered with 3CTN and is initiating project roll-out to all regional centres in the province with a goal to raise funds that will ultimately increase clinical trial capacity, and will:

  • Establish a formal process for evaluating trial feasibility
  • Develop a communications plan
  • Implement a centralized Clinical Trials Management System
  • Specify goals for all regional sites
  • Provide financial support and stability for all regional sites
  • Understand personnel and resource allocations and improve workflow where possible

Now is the time to expand clinical research in-centre and offer more clinical trials to patients. With your investment, we will dramatically impact the lives of thousands of British Columbians affected by cancer. We invite you to join us as a partner in research and care.