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Personalized Medicine

Personalized Onco-Genomics provides BC Cancer patients with treatment that targets the cancer’s DNA
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Elissa Morrisette,
Associate Vice President, Development

The Future Of Precision Cancer Care Is Here

BC Cancer was the first in the world to effectively treat a patient based on the DNA – or genomics – of their cancer. This kicked off a revolution in cancer medicine.

Genomics is a way for BC Cancer’s medical team to better understand each individuals’ cancer, getting to the core of its DNA. They can look at the blueprint of how the cancer works. This can tell what type of treatments it might respond to.

Thanks to genomics, patients can receive treatment that specifically targets the abnormality in the cancer’s DNA. It’s proving to be more effective.

Candy Woodworth enrolled in BC Cancer’s flagship Personalized Onco-Genomics (POG) program after a second recurrence of ovarian cancer. A drug was identified for Candy, matched to target the genomics of her cancer.

“It has given me my life back. It’s given me the opportunity to be with my family, to watch my grandchildren grow. It means everything.”

-Candy Woodworth

This is the difference donors make.

With you, we can continue to fuel genomics programs at BC Cancer and give patients hope.

To break down cancer, BC Cancer has begun using genomics to create treatments that are uniquely tailored for patients.

BC Cancer is looking toward the end game: transforming the standard of care in British Columbia with genomically-informed treatments for everyone. Right now, the BC Cancer Foundation is actively raising $3 million for genomics.

Transforming the Patient Journey

Imagine if every patient’s journey began like this…

Their oncologist performs a sophisticated genetic test.

Results from this test are shared with a dynamic team of BC Cancer’s most brilliant oncologists, bioinformaticians, pathologists and scientists. Together, this group dissects the results and devises the best possible way to treat the patient’s disease.

With the unique information contained in the patient’s genome, they consider tried and true cancer therapies, as well as treatments that have never been used for cancer.

The results of their collaborative planning session are presented to the patient along with a customized treatment protocol based on a genomic rationale and designed just for them.

This treatment is optimized, based on the patient’s genetic profile.

The cancer is treated like many other chronic diseases, managed and monitored and kept under control.

Imagine the end of being sick.

Genomics will benefit thousands of patients in B.C. and set a new course that will extend beyond provincial and national borders.

Welcome to the future of cancer.