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Beyond Barriers Patient Relief Fund

Help B.C. patients receive the care they need with financial, travel, and resource support, regardless of where they call home.

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Becky Yost
Director, Development

Beyond Barriers

For many British Columbians a cancer diagnosis requires more than treatment. Depending on where they live and who they are, financial, geographical, and cultural barriers can make accessing care difficult.

The Patient Relief Fund is here to help people overcome these challenges and get the care they need.

The fund is broad and covers essentials like grocery cards, travel and accommodation vouchers, treatment-related expenses such as medical supplies, nutritional supplements, medications, dental care, and more.

Equitable Care

To help close the equitable care gap, a portion of the fund is also going directly to Indigenous patients who need assistance navigating the system.

Barriers to care disproportionately affect Indigenous peoples in B.C. This fund provides the kind of support that helps bring these communities closer to the system through both prevention and treatment initiatives across the province.

Community Impact

All British Columbians deserve access to world-class care no matter where they call home.

Donor-funded initiatives like expert fellowships, leading-edge clinical trials, and state of the art technology investments have already fueled progress in bringing care closer to home for everyone.

The Patient Relief Fund is an essential part of this journey working to remove financial and geographical barriers in every region.

With these additional resources in place, we can help limit barriers to care, as well as the stress that comes with them.

Help us go beyond barriers for every British Columbian.