Changing the outcome at BC Cancer

BC Cancer patients are at their most vulnerable facing the threat of COVID-19. That's why we have launched the BC Cancer COVID-19 Response Fund.

The COVID-19 Response Fund will support patients at risk, as well as the clinical experts who care for them. Together, we can support patients who are facing unprecedented challenges, while innovating life-saving care.

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Supporting emerging priorities in research and care

At BC Cancer, some of the brightest scientific minds in the world are working to uncover new solutions for cancer treatment and care. As the pace of new research accelerates to meet today’s cancer challenges head-on, the Urgent Needs Fund supports emerging priorities in research and care.

At the BC Cancer Foundation, we see these innovative ideas as opportunities to delve deeper into the causes of cancer, and formulate new ways to halt its progression. The Urgent Needs Fund sets the cancer research agenda on new paths of inquiry: when a researcher has a vision, support is there to ensure the crucial first steps can be taken. By nourishing new projects with comprehensive philanthropic support, the Urgent Needs Fund ensures their sustainability, as early success is gradually leveraged into a strong base for growth.

Supported by world-class events like the Tour de Cure, Workout to Conquer Cancer, Inspiration Gala and the generosity of thousands of donors across the province, the Urgent Needs Fund accelerates progress, meaning brilliant ideas don’t just stay ideas.

Our donors’ investment results in meaningful enhancements to the standard of care for B.C.’s patients. It helps to solidify the future of essential research in this province and has an immediate impact on future generations of patients.

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To support the most Urgent Needs at BC Cancer, please contact:

Elissa Ming Morrissette
Executive Director, Development
PH: 604.707.5992
TF: 1.888.906.2873