Supporting a Decade of Research

For virtually every type of cancer there is now clear evidence that patients who mount a strong immune response are likely to survive longer. After a decade of laboratory research supported by BC Cancer Foundation donors, Dr. Brad Nelson, director of the Deeley Research Centre (DRC), and colleagues are joining forces with experts at the BC Cancer Agency’s Genome Sciences Centre (GSC) to deliver truly personalized immunotherapy to patients across British Columbia with immunotherapy clinical trials.

Adoptive T cell Therapy Clinical Trials

The first clinical trials will launch by 2017 and will focus on cervical and ovarian cancer and involve a form of immunotherapy called “adoptive T cell therapy” or ACT. Medical oncologist, Dr. Anna Tinker will be working closely with the DRC team and also with patients, to enroll those eligible and willing to take part in a phase I immunotherapy trial.

The Future

The goal: to collect, activate and expand a patient’s own T cells (immune cells that circulate through the body searching for diseases to eliminate) and infuse large numbers of them back into the bloodstream. Once the tumour is under control, the T cells will form a “memory” population that will remain in the bloodstream for many years, ready to mount a response if the cancer reoccurs.

Immunotherapy clinical trials around the globe are showing great promise in treating cancers like melanoma and childhood leukemia. We hope to see the same results here in B.C. for cervical and ovarian cancers.

To make a donation to support Immunotherapy Clinical Trials, contact:

Alyssa Grace
Senior Director, Development
250.519.5554 or 1.866.519.5550