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A time to reflect and look forward

It’s with a heavy heart that I must raise your attention today to the passing of a great friend to the BC Cancer Foundation and a model Vancouver citizen. On New Year’s Eve, Vancouver business leader Milton K. Wong succumbed to pancreatic cancer. Mr. Wong was enthusiastic about adding to the vibrancy of Vancouver and a powerful ambassador of the importance of philanthropy and research. As co-...

Introducing Dr. Brian Toyota

Thank you Dr. Aly Karsan for guest blogging with us last month about the Personalized Medicine Project (PMP) – it is an excellent example of the leading-edge research taking place at the BC Cancer Agency.

I am now pleased to introduce our final guest blogger for 2011: Dr. Brian Toyota.  Dr. Toyota is the Provincial Chair of Neuro-Oncology at the BC Cancer Agency and he is going to...


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