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BC Cancer Foundation: Proudly Supporting Leadership in Research and Care

The BC Cancer Foundation’s partnership with the BC Cancer Agency is made possible by the generosity of more than 115,000 donors. This partnership is yielding incredible results, expanding the global understanding of cancer and dramatically improving the lives of cancer patients in B.C., who now have some of the best outcomes in the world.

The BC Cancer Agency is leading the world in new...

Philanthropy and Research: More Important Now than Ever

Hello Readers - this week I will tell you about how research labs work, how we obtain funds and how donors are increasingly important to what we do.

Most research labs at the BC Cancer Agency Research Centre are a lot like small businesses. Each Principal Investigator defines research goals and raises funds, mainly by writing grants to compete for federal and other external funding....

Studying the Genetic Factors of Lymphoid Cancer in Families

Hello again. This week I’ll tell you what it’s like to be a Principal Investigator at the BC Cancer Agency Research Centre.

I have a research lab at the Genome Sciences Centre (GSC), which is one of the research departments at the BC Cancer Agency. There are over 60 senior research scientists at the research centre, and nine of us are at the GSC. The GSC specializes in research on...

Improving Options for Patients: Bringing the Best Radiotherapy Technology to B.C.

As I mentioned in my last post, I do less research now than earlier in my career. However when I do have time for research questions, they often relate to health operations research: how can we improve what we do to improve the patients’ experience, improve the patient outcome or to improve efficiency so that we can reduce wait times. I continue to pursue research particularly in lung cancer...

Dr. Miriam Rosin: Circling the Globe to Improve Oral Cancer Outcomes

It's a long way from Saskatchewan (where I grew up) to British Columbia, especially if you took the route I did, through the Philippines, Uzbekistan, India and Egypt.

My first overseas work was in the Philippines, where I slept on a mat in one of those thatched houses on the side of a mountain in a terraced rice field.  My group at the BC Cancer Agency Research Centre was among the...

Introducing August Guest Bloggers: Dr. Miriam Rosin and the BC Oral Cancer Prevention Program Team

Thank you to Dr. François Bachand for taking us behind the scenes at the BC Cancer Agency Sindi Ahluwalia Hawkins Centre for the Southern Interior. Brachytherapy is a truly revolutionary treatment method that is bringing new hope to cancer patients in B.C. and Dr. Bachand and his colleagues are taking huge strides to make it more widely-available.

For August, we are trying something new...

Empowering Brain Cancer Patients Through Knowledge

Today, I’d like to share two patient stories that have had an impact on the direction of brain cancer research and care in B.C.:

About 15 years ago a young man from Whistler, in his late 20s, was struck down by a malignant glioma. I operated on him several times trying to stay ahead of the advancing cells. This was before there was any useful chemotherapy agent to treat brain cancer –...

Learning from the Past and Looking Forward

So what does the future hold? I’ve talked about how we look back to learn from our mistakes and our successes but we also need to look forward to plan where we will focus our resources.

Since I have been involved in oncology I’ve witnessed a dramatic change in the way we approach lung cancer. When I started, we treated all non small cell lung cancers the same – we did not have the tools...


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