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Contributing to Innovation in Health Care – Part 1

Hello again. The timing of this post has landed in the midst of a very exciting week for me, as I am currently attending a Medical Physics Leadership Academy, near Washington DC. Medical physicists from across the U.S. and Canada have gathered here to learn about effective leadership and discuss what it means to be a leader in medical physics. It has been an extremely interesting and...

Questions of medicine and science formed half way ‘round the world

My path to a career in science and medicine was convoluted, but not without direction. I grew up in east Africa on an island in the Indian Ocean. Both my maternal grandparents died at very young ages of undiagnosed conditions. While the setting was idyllic, the reason for my grandparents’ deaths, or rather the lack of a reason bothered me.

This great gap in understanding—the causes of...

Benefits of Research Today, Plans for the Future

Hello, Dr. Rasika Rajapakshe here with my final blog post as the BC Cancer Foundation’s guest blogger! Today, I’d like to share some of the benefits of our current research and the challenges we plan to tackle in the future.

Innovative Technology

My passion for research is fueled by the long term differences and improvements we can make in cancer patient care...

How B.C. Donors Support Cancer Research and Improvements to Care: Part II

In addition to supporting our early detection research efforts, BC Cancer Foundation donors have also supported summer student internships and clinical software.

Student Internships

Student internships are opportunities for university students to gain hands-on experience in cancer research.Our Early Detection Research Group has been fortunate to secure a...

Early Detection Research at the BC Cancer Agency

Hello, Dr. Rasika Rajapakshe here and I am glad to be back for Week 2 as the BC Cancer Foundation’s guest blogger! Today I will be touching on my work at the BC Cancer Agency and our Early Detection Research Group.

I am currently a Senior Medical Physicist at the BC Cancer Agency Sindi Ahluwalia Hawkins Centre for the Southern Interior. My work focuses on the planning of radiation...

Dr. Marcel Bally: A Look at the Future of Cancer Treatment

Looking into the future for me is always about looking backwards.

When I first became interested in using drug delivery systems for cancer treatment over 30 years ago, one of the hottest research topics concerned “antibody-conjugated toxic drugs” (antibodies are proteins that can be designed to recognize cancer cells).

This research idea faltered and stumbled because our immune...

Multi-Tasking at the BC Cancer Agency

As a radiation oncologist, my days are quite busy and I have both clinical and research duties. My primary role as a clinician is to provide the most patient-centric care. I use evidence-based data from the latest research and clinical trials to present potential treatment options, benefits and risks to my patients. My patients are always partners in this decision making and together we map...

Brachytherapy at the BC Cancer Agency Abbotsford Centre

When I came for my job interview at the BC Cancer Agency Abbotsford Centre, I was quite impressed with a state-of-the-art centre that is directly connected with the Abbotsford Hospital. Indeed, the hospital is the first in western Canada to have a cancer centre integrated in its design from the ground up.

I was very excited to join the Abbotsford Centre’s radiation therapy group and...


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