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Moving for Mom and Families Everywhere

May 6, 2024

Workout to Conquer Cancer newcomer, Sean Collins, signed up for the month-long fundraiser to support his mom, Ann, who was recovering from breast cancer treatment back home in Ireland. But the challenge took on a new meaning when he learned she had been diagnosed again as he was planning his fundraiser.

“For the past five years, she has never complained and is so positive, even when she’s in pain. She always says ‘I want to workout. I want to play tennis.’ I’m constantly inspired by her strength and wanted to find a way to make a difference for others.”

Movement has always been part of Sean and his mom’s daily routines, but it became even more vital after Ann’s diagnosis.

“It was very important for my mental state to keep exercising and keep busy. I think exercising is actually what has helped me through all is,” shares Ann.

Workout to Conquer Cancer was the perfect way for Sean, co-founder of Kitsilano gym Kin Culture, to combine his passions for exercise and cancer awareness.

To get the community involved, he is hosting a 12-hour treadmill run at Kin Culture on May 11. Sean will be moving on a treadmill from 6am-6pm and flanked by five other treadmills. He’s aiming to have all the treadmills filled for the entire day, which will total 72 hours of continuous movement.

“Sign up, bring your friends! I hope to have a couple hundred people out for day.”

You can reserve a timeslot here.

Community is important to Sean – evident by the name of the gym he co-founded alongside a British expat.

“Not being from Canada, we wanted to create a ‘third home’ – somewhere outside of your house and work where you have a family. Movement has the power to improve your physical and mental health. That’s why a gym is where we saw we could build that community,” says Sean on the creation of Kin Culture.

Sean sees Workout to Conquer Cancer as another way to create community – this time as a place of hope for those affected by the disease.

“I never thought my family would be the one to deal with cancer. Unfortunately, there’s probably many people who feel the same way. It’s an ever-growing issue around the world and the more we can raise funds and awareness, the more we can help people like my mom.”


Funds raised through Workout to Conquer Cancer fuel BC Cancer’s life-saving, innovative research. Support Sean’s fundraiser and help improve outcomes for families facing cancer.