Workout to Conquer Cancer

Staying Strong Together

Colin Wood’s gym, F45 Training in Port Moody, saw him through the pandemic — and continued to stand strong behind him after he faced …

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With Love From Alberta

High school best friends Katie Houlgrave and Kathryn Byer shared a lot more than just similar first names. And neither geography nor COVID-19 could …

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A Family Affair

Dr. Sarojini Naidu and her brother Kailash (left) are participating in Workout to Conquer Cancer out of gratitude for …

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Moving in Memory

A photoshopped family portrait shows Sajida Shahid (top right) with her baby grandson, even though she passed away before …

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Moving Forward for Others

As a trained trapeze aerialist, Rita Karageorgos-Moore knows that the show can’t go on unless you’re brave enough to let go. But unlike flying …

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