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Moving Towards Hope and Healing

May 21, 2024

“Cancer touches us all, either directly or through someone we love.”  

For Jessica Cheng, whose mother is a two-time cancer survivor, it was the latter.  

After witnessing her mother face cancer twice, Jessica committed to supporting cancer research through Workout to Conquer Cancer. She participated in the month-long event from 2017 to 2019, before taking a break to welcome her second daughter. This year, Jessica is back with “renewed energy and determination to embrace this fitness challenge” alongside her new team, Therapy X Clinic & Friends.  

She credits her mother for being one of her main motivations — in addition to her passions for promoting health and wellness and giving back to the community — for joining the May-long fundraising challenge 

Jessica and her mom

I am grateful every day that my mother is here to create precious memories with my two daughters. Their special bond is a daily reminder of what we stand to lose when cancer strikes — and what we gain when we fight back,” she says.  

 As a registered physiotherapist at Therapy X clinic, Jessica helps people enhance their mobility and she recognizes the benefits of moving for at least 30 minutes a day. Whether it’s structured exercise, active hobbies, or simple choices like taking the stairs or time to stretch, every little bit of movement can positively contribute to your physical and mental health, she says.  

“By participating in this challenge, we are not only enhancing our own well-being but also contributing vital funds to the BC Cancer Foundation, helping to ensure that others receive the support they need to overcome this devastating illness.” 

As we power through Workout to Conquer Cancer this month, Jessica reminds participants, “Every step we take this May is a step towards hope, healing, and a future where cancer can be conquered for good.”  

Help fuel life-saving research and care at BC Cancer by donating to Jessica’s Workout to Conquer Cancer team, Therapy X Clinic & Friends 

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