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Introducing March Guest Blogger Dr. Christine Wilson

I’d like to begin by thanking Dr. Hagen Kennecke for taking us behind-the-scenes to see how research, collaboration and innovative tools are improving treatment and care for cancer patients across the province.

We are very pleased to welcome Dr. Christine Wilson as our guest blogger for March. Dr. Wilson is a radiologist and Medical Director of the BC Cancer Agency’s Screening...

A Few Thoughts on the Future of Cancer Research and Care

Hi - this week I was hoping to talk a little about how cancer treatment may look five years from now. Honestly speaking, that is something that is really difficult to predict. One of the remarkable things about science and research is that you really do not know where it is going to take you. We often try a treatment for one type of cancer and then it ends up working for a completely different...

Continued Progress: The Future of Cancer Research in B.C.

Canadian society is made up of many immigrants. Currently, South Asians of Indian descent are the largest group of immigrants and many reside in the Fraser Valley region. Like many immigrant populations, the South Asian community has unique needs when it comes to accessing medical services.

Our Breast Research to Evaluate Access and Services (BREAST) team has taken an in-depth look at...

Philanthropy and Research: Bringing Results to Patients

The BC Cancer Foundation’s sole mission is to support the BC Cancer Agency’s mandate to provide research and care to the population of British Columbia. Research, by definition, means taking risks in doing things differently, and seeing if new directions improve upon established approaches or not. This risk-taking is important to make progress.

Through the years, countless number of...

Advancing Breast Cancer Research in British Columbia

Breast cancer is responsible for 20-25% of all cancers. Working with expert medical oncologists such as the late Dr. Brian Norris and Dr. Lee Ann Martin, I became acutely aware of the need for rapid diagnosis and timely referral to cancer centres for breast cancer patients.

Around the same time, my daughter was diagnosed with breast cancer just before her 30th birthday. I...

My Career at the BC Cancer Agency

It is extremely out of fashion to work at one place for one’s entire career life nowadays. But, I admit that I am old-fashioned. I have worked as part of the BC Cancer Agency’s medical staff since the 1980s and have worn multiple hats over these years. I have spent time treating patients with gynaecologic, breast and head & neck cancer.

In 1993, Dr. Ed Kostashuk was recruited as the...

Introducing October Guest Blogger Dr. Frances Wong

Hi everyone,

First, thank you to Dr. Karen Goddard – it is inspiring to read about the advancements happening in pediatric cancer research, and the impact it will have for our youngest patients.

Joining us for Breast Cancer Awareness Month is Dr. Frances Wong. Dr. Wong is the Chief Physician and a radiation oncologist at the BC Cancer Agency Abbotsford and Fraser Valley Centres....

The Future of Breast Cancer Research in B.C.

I’ve been at the BC Cancer Agency for about 11 years now. Why do I enjoy working here?  Cancer survival rates in B.C. are some the highest in the country. And especially for breast cancer, we have some of the best outcomes among comparable publicly-funded health care systems in the world.

The reasons for this are multiple. One aspect is the structure of the BC Cancer Agency: delivering...

Philanthropy and Breast Cancer Research

Right now, technology is giving us a more refined, clear understanding of cancer at a genomic level. We’ve discovered that breast cancers can have great variability, even within a single patient, and this information is crucial to new therapies.

One area my colleagues and I have been focused on is patients who typically receive chemotherapy before surgery. By performing biopsies and...

My Role at the BC Cancer Agency

First and foremost, I’m a medical oncologist which means I treat cancer patients. I work primarily with breast cancer patients and therapies can include hormonal therapy or chemotherapy.  

I see patients in the clinic three to four days a week, while the rest of my time is devoted to administrative work, my duties as Chair of the Provincial Breast Tumour Group and research activities....


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