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Introducing April Guest Blogger Dr. Scott Tyldesley

Hello everyone,

First of all, thank you to Dr. Brad Nelson for providing an inside look at the work being done to advance immunotherapy research at Victoria’s Deeley Research Centre. Immunotherapy is a truly exciting frontier and philanthropy is helping to propel this project forward for the benefit of patients across the province.


Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Bust a Move for Breast Cancer Research at the BC Cancer Agency

Hi everyone,

I want to start by thanking our most recent guest blogger Dr. Juanita Crook. As you read in Dr. Crook’s fascinating posts, HDR brachytherapy is changing the cancer landscape in our province. We are fortunate to have such a high level of expertise and leadership at the BC Cancer Agency as this program continues to grow.

As many of you know, October is Breast Cancer...

New Horizons: HDR Brachytherapy for Breast Cancer at the BC Cancer Agency

Up until now, my blog posts have told the story of my career and research as it focused on prostate cancer. Before I finish telling my story, I would like to switch gears and talk about breast cancer, especially as it pertains to brachytherapy. I think it is important for women reading this to realize that not all my efforts have been directed at improving cancer treatment and outcomes for men...

Introducing Bust a Move for Breast Health!

On behalf of everyone at the BC Cancer Foundation, I am so thrilled to introduce you to our epic new event–Bust a Move for Breast Health. Launched this afternoon with an exhilarating outdoor fitness session at the Vancouver Art Gallery’s Georgia St. Plaza, Bust a Move will change the face of breast cancer research for the benefit of patients across the province and beyond....

A disease of the genome & Me at the BC Cancer Agency

During my PhD at UBC, I became convinced of a notion that had been known for decades: “cancer is a disease of the genome”. So naturally, to further our understanding of cancer, the genomes of tumours would need to be precisely decoded.

Frustratingly, technology did not yet exist to study individual tumours in this way. After all, it took the human genome project billions of dollars, 15...

More Groundbreaking news & Introducing Dr. Sohrab Shah

What a month! April was an exciting month for milestone achievements at the BC Cancer Agency. On April 22, the Agency’s own Dr. Karen Gelmon was honoured for her contributions to breast cancer research and her new partnership with Israeli scientists at the Institute for Medical Research Israel-Canada (IMRIC) at a sold-out gala event co-hosted by the Canadian Friends of the Hebrew University of...

Another Landmark Breast Cancer Announcement

I spoke at a news conference today for the second time in two weeks, to share another groundbreaking discovery in breast cancer research at the BC Cancer Agency. This new discovery will be a catalyst for bringing hope to breast cancer patients across the province and beyond.

For the first time, the BC Cancer Agency’s breast cancer research team, led by Dr. Sam Aparicio, has identified...


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