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My lab’s research focus

I promised to tell you about some of the projects we’re working on at the moment and how they fit into our overall goal of getting the best possible breast cancer treatments to the right patients at the right time.

We have so many different projects on the go.  It’s impossible to cover everything, but I hope I can explain the big picture of how all the different components connect...

What is Life?

In memory of Anita Cochrane.

What is life?  Almost 70 years ago, Nobel prize-winning physicist Erwin Schrodinger asked that question in an essay.  His short book provoked a large number of physicists and chemists to move into the field of biology, thus sparking the revolution in science that came from the discovery of the...

What does a breast cancer researcher do?

As you might imagine, leading the BC Cancer Agency’s breast cancer research program keeps me very busy! And I’m not the only one: my lab, located in the BC Cancer Agency’s Research Centre, is full of students, postdoctoral researchers and technicians working away on their research projects. In the office areas nearby, teams of programmers and statisticians are busy analyzing the massive...


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