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Ovarian cancer research propelled by philanthropy

Much of the progress we have been able to achieve to date within the Ovarian Cancer Research (OVCARE) program has been possible thanks to our many partnerships.

Indeed, mentioned in my first blog, the nature of OVCARE as a multi-disciplinary, multi-institution research group makes partnership inherent to our success. In fact, our partnerships extend beyond the medical and scientific...

Conquering cancer on two wheels

In my previous post I mentioned the BC Cancer Agency’s OVCARE team and the great work they’ve done to position themselves as one of the world’s leading ovarian cancer research teams. They’re not only conquering cancer in the lab, but they’re also doing it on two wheels.

With its many supporters, OVCARE has participated every year in The Ride to Conquer Cancer, and is one of the top...

Investing in people's lives

Philanthropy and research is truly a partnership. We can have a lab full of talented and passionate researchers, but if we don’t have the dollars to fund the research, then the leading-edge discoveries that the BC Cancer Agency has become renowned for wouldn’t happen. There are lots of examples, but I will highlight one—OVCARE—BC’s Ovarian Cancer Research Program.


Miruna Bala: Ensuring High Quality Data for Cancer Research

Hello everyone, my name is Miruna Bala and I am very happy for the opportunity to blog this month.

I am the Quality Systems group leader for the Holt Lab at the Genome Sciences Centre and the immunotherapy program at the BC Cancer Agency, which means I am responsible for the design, implementation, monitoring and improvement of the Quality Management System (QMS). QMS ensures accurate,...

Inside the Histology Lab with Katy Milne

Hello, I’m Katy Milne and I am a Research Assistant at the Deeley Research Centre (DRC). I started working here in 2003 when the DRC was just starting up – things have really changed over the past 12 years!

Like most, I have known too many people with cancer. Because I’ve always found the human body fascinating, immunotherapy was a perfect fit for me - I think of it as our way of giving...

Dr. John Webb: Manufacturing T Cells for Immunotherapy Clinical Trials

Hello everyone, my name is Dr. John Webb and I’m the senior project leader for the upcoming immunotherapy clinical trials at the BC Cancer Agency.

As project leader, I will direct the manufacturing of T cells for immunotherapy clinical trials – this includes designing, overseeing and implementing immunotherapy for use with patients in the clinic.

My interest in cancer research...

Ovarian Cancer Research: Three Major Milestones and a Look at the Future

Today, I’d like to share three major things that B.C.’s OVCARE team has contributed in the last decade:

1) TAKING STEPS TOWARD PERSONALIZED MEDICINE: A woman diagnosed with ovarian cancer today will be managed according to the SPECIFIC type of cancer she has. This may mean she can be spared toxic therapies that may not help her, or receive better therapies with higher success. (Message...

Dr. Jessica McAlpine: My Journey to a Career in Ovarian Cancer Research

Thanks for the invitation to be part of this blog and to share research discoveries from the Ovarian Cancer Research Program (OVCARE).

I am a local girl: I was born in Vancouver (at Vancouver General Hospital) and both my parents and both sets of grandparents have lived in Vancouver for most of their lives. I did my undergraduate...

Introducing May Guest Blogger Dr. Jessica McAlpine

Warm thanks to Dr. Dan Renouf, for blogging in April and sharing the work he and his colleagues are doing to improve the treatment and care of pancreatic cancer for patients across the province.

It is my pleasure to introduce our guest blogger for May, Dr. Jessica McAlpine. Dr. McAlpine is a gynaecologic oncologist and translational researcher at the BC Cancer Agency and Director of the...


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