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The BC Cancer Agency: A Great Place to Work

I’m lucky to love the work I do. International metrics show that we are providing excellent care for ovarian cancer patients here in B.C., and I’m so proud that the BC Cancer Agency has some of the best outcomes in the world for ovarian cancer, a significant area of our translational research.

I believe that the best clinical care occurs when you combine it with translational research,...

Dr. David Huntsman and the success of OvCaRe

Since the beginning of the Ovarian Cancer Research (OvCaRe) program, the team has expanded; we have multiple new investigators, and have won national and international awards.

We have grown from a small group of researchers and disconnected research projects to a coherent team that is recognized internationally as a leader in the study of ovarian cancer. I believe our success stems...

Dr. David Huntsman and the modest beginning of OvCaRe

I still remember when the Ovarian Cancer Research (OvCaRe) program was born. Dr. Dianne Miller, the head of our Gynecologic Tumour Group at the BC Cancer Agency, had called a meeting for anyone in Vancouver who was interested in studying ovarian cancer. We met at a Chinese restaurant, and after dinner, Dianne declared that she was so tired of seeing women dying of this cancer and felt that...

About Dr. David Huntsman and ovarian cancer research

Hello! My name is David Huntsman, and I’m a pathologist and clinical cancer geneticist at the BC Cancer Agency Vancouver Centre. I have the great privilege of running our Ovarian Cancer Research (OvCaRe) team, and this month I’d like to share more about the OvCaRe program with you, from how it started to where it’s headed. First, I’ll share how and why I chose to study ovarian cancer.


Making strides in ovarian cancer research

As part of our new Partners in Discovery blog, we want to give you as much opportunity as possible to hear directly from clinicians and researchers.

So I’m going to turn this posting over to Dr. David Huntsman, Director of the Ovarian Cancer Research or OvCaRe Program to tell you about his team’s exciting breakthrough in ovarian cancer, published today.


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