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Personalized Therapy for Pancreatic Cancer

In my last several posts I discussed some of the new treatments being developed for pancreatic cancer. As more options become available it is becoming increasingly important to improve our ability to individualize treatment strategies. 

Our group at the BC Cancer Agency and Pancreas Centre BC is very interested in studying ways to better sub-classify pancreatic cancer in the hopes of...

Pancreatic Cancer and the Immune System

Earlier this week, I wrote about some of the new chemotherapies that are being developed to treat pancreatic cancer more effectively.

Another major area of new drug research in pancreatic cancer is immunotherapy: finding ways to activate the body’s immune system to contain or attack the cancer cells.

There are a number of different methods that are being investigated to activate...

New Strategies for the Treatment of Pancreatic Cancer

In this week’s blog posts, I’d like to discuss some of the exciting developments in new drug therapies for pancreatic cancer.

Pancreatic cancer has been one of the most difficult cancers to treat because it is difficult to detect early and is resistant to most chemotherapy drugs. Up until recently, very little progress had been made in finding new, effective therapies for pancreatic...

Dr. Dan Renouf: Uncovering Novel Treatments for Pancreatic Cancer

It’s great to be invited back to the BC Cancer Foundation Blog. I work at the BC Cancer Agency as a medical oncologist and clinical researcher with a focus on pancreatic cancer and the development of new anti-cancer drugs. 

Pancreatic cancer is a common and very aggressive cancer, and our group at the BC Cancer Agency and Pancreas Centre BC is focused on trying to find ways to improve...

Introducing April Guest Blogger Dr. Dan Renouf

Many thanks to our March guest blogger, Dr. Stuart Peacock, for giving us a closer look at cancer control research at the BC Cancer Agency and the incredible efforts being made to ensure excellent cancer care for the whole B.C. community.   

I’m very pleased to welcome back Dr. Dan Renouf as our guest blogger for April. Dr. Renouf is a medical oncologist at the BC Cancer Agency and co-...

Exciting Developments in Cancer Research in B.C.

Hey folks – this has been an exciting week!

On Tuesday a group of us conducted a province-wide presentation of the results of a big international cancer conference held in San Francisco, January 16 to 18 this year. Then, on Wednesday, we had the chance to offer some patients with rectal cancer an exciting new study that we are doing in partnership with centres across the U.S. and Canada...

The Future of Pancreatic Cancer Research

Hello everyone,

It’s been great blogging this month and this is my final post. Over the last several weeks I’ve talked about some of the exciting areas of research we’re working on in pancreatic cancer. This is a cancer with very few effective treatments and research into new treatments and detection methods is urgently needed.

Pancreatic cancer was a cancer that historically did...

BC Cancer Agency: The Place for Cutting-Edge Research

Hello everyone,

Right now is a very exciting time for cancer research in British Columbia for several reasons, one of them being the huge advances that have been made in the technology we use at the BC Cancer Agency.

The BC Cancer Agency is a world leader in genomics research, which is the study of the genetic changes that lead to cancer development and growth. In the past decade...

Current Pancreatic Cancer Research at the BC Cancer Agency

Hello everyone,

In this week’s post I’d like to tell you about some of the areas of research we’re working on to improve our ability to diagnose and treat pancreatic cancer. As many of you are aware, pancreatic cancer is a common and very aggressive cancer, and there are several reasons why we have a difficult time treating it: one issue is that pancreatic cancer often doesn’t cause...


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