Organize a Fundraising Event

Support world-leading cancer research and care by organizing your own fundraising event

Organize a fundraising event for BC Cancer Foundation

Organize your own fundraising event and help change cancer outcomes!

Within the limits of COVID protocols, there are still opportunities to make a significant impact with an online fundraising event – and we’re here to help you make it happen!

From hosting a fundraising challenge, to creating an online marketplace to sell items by donation, it’s time to use your imagination.

Have an in-person event scheduled for late 2021 or early 2022 planned? We can support you with that too!


  1. Tell us about your idea by registering here
  2. Talk to one of our Special Events Staff
  3. Share your fundraiser with friends and peers!


  • Support and advice from our knowledgeable Foundation staff
  • Detailed fundraising guidelines to maximize your fundraising efforts
  • Event listing on our online event calendar
  • Tools to create your own personal online fundraising page