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$360,000 Raised at Workout to Conquer Cancer

April 26, 2015

Vancouver, B.C. – the BC Cancer Foundation’s Workout to Conquer Cancer will power life-saving cancer research with $360,000 raised through the day-long fitness challenge. Five-hundred men and women converged to sweat-it-out in the most meaningful workout of their lives.

In three years, Workout has raised an incredible $1,050,000 providing researchers at the BC Cancer Agency with the platforms, people and power to rapidly respond to areas of research with the most promise in improving cancer outcomes.

“With every crunch and lunge, we witnessed a powerful expression of the commitment we share in ensuring more and more British Columbians can say three important words: I’m Still Here,” said Douglas Nelson, President & CEO of the BC Cancer Foundation as he thanked and congratulated Workout to Conquer Cancer participants.

Motivated to Workout and conquer cancer after recently being diagnosed with stage III triple negative breast cancer, Carolyn Atwal powered her way through the full-day fitness challenge, completing; Zumba, Retro Aerobics, Yoga, Boxing 101, Tommy Europe’s SHRED Bootcamp, Rock Your Core-Barre and a Dynamic Cooldown with Krista Popowych.

The fit mother to a three-year-old was diagnosed just six months ago while 34 weeks pregnant with her second child.

“I’m young, and you don’t expect to get cancer at this age,” says the 36-year-old who is committed to seeing her kids grow up and ridding her body of the disease.

Carolyn registered for Workout to Conquer Cancer as she wanted to ‘do something’ empowering and as someone who works-out regularly she thought the event was a great fit. Through her network of family and friends she raised an incredible $2,700 for cancer research.

“Hopefully in the next year I’ll be cancer free, I just want to live for my babies,” says Carolyn.

Together, Carolyn and 500 Workout participants provide researchers with the power to improve early detection, treatments and outcomes for the 25,000 British Columbians who will face a cancer diagnosis this year.

The dollars raised today will be put to work supporting projects of the highest priority, including the development of new therapeutics to help in the effort to stop metastatic disease in its tracks.


Workout to Conquer Cancer is a fun, fitness challenge featuring a full day of upbeat group workout activities. Designed for participants of all fitness levels, Workout to Conquer Cancer is that big exhale that harnesses the power of hundreds of people who are ready to lunge, stretch, and sweat their way toward a world free from cancer.

Workout to Conquer Cancer (@WorkoutBC) supports the BC Cancer Foundation (@bccancer) and life-saving cancer research taking place at the BC Cancer Agency. Join the most meaningful workout of your life here at workouttoconquercancer.ca

To arrange an interview or to learn more about Workout to Conquer Cancer, contact:

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