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British Columbians raise $55 million to change cancer outcomes

June 22, 2018

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VANCOUVER, B.C. – At its annual general meeting, the BC Cancer Foundation announced an inspiring $55 million raised to support cutting-edge research and innovations in care for its partner, BC Cancer. This was made possible by more than 90,000 generous British Columbians and will be crucial in helping to advance cancer outcomes and save lives in the province.

“Today, one in two British Columbians will be diagnosed with cancer. I am inspired by our passionate donors who understand this grave statistic and are investing in research, bringing world-class care close to home for patients and their families facing this disease,” says Sarah Roth, President & CEO, BC Cancer Foundation.

Funds raised have allowed the Foundation to underpin several promising initiatives and hundreds of research papers and projects at BC Cancer. Donor funds have been crucial in a $10 million fundraising campaign to bring PET/CT scanners to BC Cancer – Victoria and BC Cancer – Kelowna for patients in need of critical tests. Donors have also supported the completion of a $1 million expanded chemotherapy and ambulatory care unit at BC Cancer – Surrey.

The impact of local philanthropy is felt by the 77,000 British Columbians receiving cancer care today.

Highlights of the year include:

  • Funding supported the work of more than 600 researchers in B.C.
  • BC Cancer launches B-Precise, a major breast cancer study open to all women diagnosed in the province
  • BC Cancer team launches innovative precision health project that has the potential to significantly change outcomes for patients facing lymphoid cancer relapse
  • 751 people accessed new treatment options through clinical trials
  • BC Cancer team, led by Dr. Sohrab Shah, uncovers seven new sub-types of ovarian cancer,
  • PET/CT scanner is on its way to BC Cancer – Victoria, the third diagnostic machine in the province, thanks to more than  3,500 donors
  • World-leading Personalized Onco-Genomics (POG) program celebrates five years and more than 900 patient participants in the effort to find highly personalized treatment solutions to patients with metastatic cancer
  • BC Cancer doctors find up to 10 per cent of metastatic prostate cancers are hereditary, paving the way to prevent cancer for the next generation

Empowering donors to support researchers, scientists and clinicians to break down cancer and change outcomes is at the core of the Foundation’s mission.

Donors like Christian Chan, trustee of the Chan Family Foundation which generously supported the Hereditary Cancer Program, the focus of the Foundation’s 2017 Inspiration Gala, express their commitment “to finding quicker intervention and treatment for all patients, and believe that this program will save lives and help prevent cancer in families.” An inspiring $2.61 million was raised at the Gala, which will support research to advance screening of hereditary cancers in B.C.

The Foundation is pleased to welcome Kirsten Tisdale as the new Chair of the BC Cancer Foundation Board, as Andrew Sweeney accepts his role as Immediate Past Chair. Newly elected members include Geoffrey Glotman and Neil Farmer. Board directors include: Celeste Burgoyne, Lynda Farmer, Michael Heskin, Alice Laberge, Murray J. Leith, Dr. Malcolm Moore, Jatinder Rai, Carl Roy, Randy Smallwood, Rachel Thomas and David Zacks.

The BC Cancer Foundation and Board thank outgoing directors Mary Buttery, Doug Holtby, Michael Kennedy, Dean Kirkham and Andrea Shaw for their years of contribution to the organization and B.C.’s cancer community.

The BC Cancer Foundation’s full 2018 Donor Impact Report is available online along with Audited Financial Statements.


About the BC Cancer Foundation

As the fundraising partner of BC Cancer and the largest charitable funder of cancer research in this province, the BC Cancer Foundation works with 90,000 donors and communities to advance research and innovations in care for the people of B.C. Together, BC CAN change the outcome for each person facing this disease. BC CAN break down cancer.

For media enquiries, please contact:

Hayley Judge
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