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Hong Kong immigrants gift $1.5M to lung cancer research

February 11, 2019

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VANCOUVER, B.C. – Donald and Julia Leung moved to Canada in the 1970s in pursuit of the Canadian dream. Never in their wildest dreams did they expect to give back to the community with a gift of $1.5 million to propel lung cancer research and equipment needs at BC Cancer.

Working odd labourer jobs throughout the 1970s, Donald was a motivated young man willing to endure whatever it took to provide for his family in their newfound land of opportunity – Vancouver, British Columbia. He spent his days working gruelling jobs in factories and his evenings taking classes to further his education.

Twenty-five years later, Donald is the owner of Donald’s Fine Foods, a hog processing and meat wholesale company based in Richmond that exports quality meats to more than 25 countries, and employs over 800 people across Canada.

Donald owes his success to hard work and his dedicated wife Julia, but also prides himself on his passion to help others.

“We hope this gift will inspire others in the community to do their part to give back no matter how large or small the gift is. It all makes a difference,” he says.

The Leungs have set their sights on improving cancer outcomes through philanthropy. Like many British Columbians, the Leung family are no strangers to the disease and know first-hand how important research is in advancing treatment and care, and the positive impact it has on families.

“I always said to my family, we should always try to help others and give back to our community,” says Donald.

The Leung’s gift of $1.5 million will propel lung cancer research with new equipment, as well as a chemo prevention program under Dr. Stephen Lam, Leon Judah Blackmore Chair in Lung Cancer Research and Chair of the Provincial Lung Tumour Group, and director of the MDS-Rix Early Lung Cancer Detection and Translational Research Program at BC Cancer.

In the spirit of Lunar New Year, the Leung family, together with the BC Cancer Foundation are encouraging British Columbians to gift money received in red envelopes to help change cancer outcomes for patients in our province. Click here to donate today.