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A time to reflect and look forward

January 4, 2012

It’s with a heavy heart that I must raise your attention today to the passing of a great friend to the BC Cancer Foundation and a model Vancouver citizen. On New Year’s Eve, Vancouver business leader Milton K. Wong succumbed to pancreatic cancer. Mr. Wong was enthusiastic about adding to the vibrancy of Vancouver and a powerful ambassador of the importance of philanthropy and research. As co-chair of the Foundation’s Millennium Campaign, he was instrumental in helping to raise millions of dollars to construct the BC Cancer Agency’s Research Centre where researchers are making breakthrough discoveries and advancements in cancer knowledge. Mr. Wong was also key in engaging the community to support the early days of the Genome Sciences Centre. Through his community and business leadership, the cancer landscape in B.C. is more vibrant and innovative than any other place in Canada. Please take a moment to watch this piece on Mr. Wong.

And although it’s been a few days since the ball officially dropped, I’d like to welcome everyone to 2012 and offer best wishes to you and your family. I can say without hesitation that 2011 was a banner year for the BC Cancer Foundation, so all of us here have a lot of anticipation for what’s to come—we know that the partnership between research and philanthropy is only going to get stronger.

I hope you enjoyed reading posts from Dr. Brian Toyota last month about his work with BrainCare BC. Dr. Toyota—your posts were enlightening and provided an interesting perspective on the life of a neurosurgeon. This month, Dr. Julian Lum will be writing to you from the BC Cancer Agency Vancouver Island Centre. Dr. Lum will talk about his work in immunology research. You may remember his colleague, Dr. Brad Nelson.

Sincere thanks,