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In my last post, I shared how I came from Taiwan to British Columbia to study oral cancer, but my training didn’t stop after I completed my PhD.

To better understand oral cancer, I completed a three-year oral pathology residency under the direction of Dr. Robert Priddy. Through this training, I came to understand more of the clinical aspect of this disease. After I passed both the Canadian Fellowship and the American Board Examinations, I became a specialist in Oral Pathology. I started my independent research career in 2004.

Now that you know more about my background and training, I will discuss my more recent work to improve outcomes for oral cancer patients in B.C.

Currently I work as a professor at the UBC dental school, as a clinician at the BC Cancer Agency Vancouver Centre and Vancouver General Hospital, and as a senior scientist at the BC Cancer Agency Research Centre. I can honestly say that right now, in my current position, I feel just like ‘a fish in the water’.

In B.C., we have the advantage of our health care system, population-based pathology service, and a referral pathway for pre-cancer clinics. We really have a chance to overcome this disease. I feel so lucky to be in this position!