BC Cancer – Prince George is one of six regional cancer centres. Patients here have access to radiation therapy, systemic therapy and a full range of supportive services reducing the amount of travel that patients and families have to undertake when facing a cancer diagnosis and treatment.

BC Cancer – Prince George:

  • Is leading precision radiation therapy research
  • Brings world-class care close to home with a comprehensive telehealth network reaching more than 117 communities
  • Provides a robust patient and family comfort program
  • Offers world-class clinical trials and research opportunities to our patients


BC Cancer – Prince George has emerged as a leader in Radiation Therapy. The Centre has a highly skilled team of radiation oncologists, technicians and support staff who deliver world-class treatment to patients and conduct innovative research under the leadership of radiation oncologist Dr. Robert Olson.

However, while standard external radiation treatment is being delivered, there has been mounting evidence over the last decade that Precision Radiation Treatment can lead to better outcomes for some patients. We are on the cusp of a revolution in radiation therapy, and need to ensure that BC Cancer - Prince George plays a key role in leading this shift.

Three key components will ensure their success in launching a comprehensive Northern Precision Radiation Program:

  1. Research + Clinical Trials:
    Research plays an essential role in expanding and validating our knowledge of cancer
    treatment, which leads to direct improvements in clinical care. Emerging evidence suggests that
    precision radiation therapy has significant potential to save lives of people affected by cancer. Dr. Olson’s team plans to launch two clinical trials to:
    • assess the ability of Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy (VMAT) to reduce side effects,
    • test the ability of stereotactic ablative radiotherapy (SABR) to extend survival and increase cure rates in patients with
      metastatic disease, and
    • test new, more cost-effective methods of delivering VMAT and SABR.
  2. cutting-edge equipment, improved capacity:
    Radiation equipment and technology at the Centre must be upgraded to deliver the most cutting-edge radiation techniques to patients. Equipment upgrades will improve day-to-day operations and patient experience and will maximize participation in precision radiation clinical trials in Prince George.
  3. a talented team:
    Enabling  investigators and staff to be part of cutting-edge clinical trials supports the recruitment and retention of oncologists, fellows and graduate students. Establishing the centre as a hub of innovation in cancer treatment and care and providing dedicated support for research will elevate the centre and make it a destination for experts to hone their skills, lead by example and collaborate with centres around the world.

There is incredible opportunity in the field of radiotherapy and how emerging research is changing the course of cancer treatment as we know it.” –Dr. Robert Olson, radiation oncologist, BC Cancer – Prince George

There is an opportunity now to propel Prince George to the forefront of radiation oncology to save and improve lives in the immediate future, but will help ensure the sustainability and long term relevance of the Centre itself by establishing it as a hub of excellence in clinical care and research.


With a cancer diagnosis, patients not only face health challenges, but financial burdens too.

The patient comfort fund at BC Cancer – Prince George helps offset the financial burdens incurred by patients & families.

Generous support from donors also helps fund meaningful gift cards that are given to patients to cover the costs of basic items that will help lessen their financial burden.

Our supporters at the Brink Group of Companies have generously produced the following video to help share the incredible work being done in support of the patient comfort fund at BC Cancer – Prince George:



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