Extraordinary cancer care requires the best technology. And it starts at diagnosis.

We know that one in two people will hear three life-altering words: “You have cancer,” in their lifetime. We must ensure these people have access to the gold standard in cancer imaging: PET/CT.

PET/CT scanners deliver precise imaging technology that provides doctors with the information necessary to offer the most appropriate diagnosis and treatment. The use of PET/CT means a single, highly-effective test for the patient, which can save them from unnecessary radiation treatment, surgery, additional imaging tests and biopsies.


Right now in B.C., there are two publicly funded PET/CT scanners, both located at BC Cancer's Vancouver centre. And while the province has been extremely efficient in the use of these two scanners, they are unable to meet current demand.

That’s why the BC Cancer Foundation launched a $11 million fundraising campaign for the purchase and installation of three new state-of-the-art PET/CT scanners, to be located at BC Cancer - Kelowna, one at BC Cancer - Victoria on Vancouver Island and a replacement for BC Cancer - Vancouver.

We are excited to announce that we have reached our fundraising goal to bring a new PET/CT scanner to both BC Cancer - Victoria and to BC Cancer - Kelowna.

Thanks to the support of thousands of donors from our communities, we will bring this life-saving cancer diagnostic tool closer to thousands of families in need. No longer will residents of Vancouver Island and the Okanagan be burdened by having to travel to Vancouver for this important aspect of their cancer care. This will make a major impact on the lives of cancer patients not only in these regions, but across the province.


Right now, BC Cancer Vancouver urgently requires an upgrade to the most advanced PET/CT technology to better meet patient demand and to continue delivering world-class care.

The BC Cancer Foundation has the opportunity to bring a cutting-edge new PET/CT scanner to replace one at the end of its life-span, allowing our doctors to deliver more sophisticated, accurate and adaptable technology to benefit patients.

Today’s cutting-edge PET/CT scanners have far-reaching capabilities, including:

  • Outstanding image resolution to capture even the smallest cancer cells
  • Up to two times improvement in accuracy and image quality
  • Three times faster speed, meaning greater efficiency and patient safety

With your help, B.C. can bring the most advanced technology to cancer patients. Your generous support will contribute to the health of British Columbians and bring new hope to families affected by cancer.

Help bring a new PET/CT to BC Cancer


For more information, please contact:

Katherine Pui
PH: 604.707.5912
TF: 1.866.906.2873

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