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Introducing November Guest Bloggers: The Immunogenomics Team

Thank you to our October guest bloggers, the scientists and clinicians from the Deeley Research Centre. Thanks to the talent of this team and the tremendous generosity of BC Cancer Foundation donors, immunotherapy clinical trials will be getting underway soon, for the benefit of...

Using Genetically Engineered Viruses to Enhance Immunity

Hello, my name is Kwame Twumasi-Boateng and it is my pleasure to wrap up a month of blogging with my immunotherapy colleagues at the BC Cancer Agency!

Currently, I am a postdoctoral fellow working at the Deeley Research Centre (DRC) – a position I started in January 2013.

During graduate school, I studied molecular details of aging and immunity in tiny worms. At the conclusion of...

Dr. Julie Nielsen: Developing T Cell-Based Therapies

Hello, I’m Dr. Julie Nielsen and I am happy to share an inside look at my work in immunotherapy on the BC Cancer Foundation blog.

I started working at the Deeley Research Centre (DRC) in October 2007. I had previously conducted research in cancer and medical genetics and joined the DRC because I wanted to help develop innovative strategies for treating cancer. The power and specificity...

$4.2 Million Raised by BC Cancer Foundation Donors to Launch Immunotherapy Clinical Trials

Hello everyone, I’d like to briefly interrupt our October bloggers to share some very exciting news!

Last night, BC Cancer Foundation donors came together at the 11th annual Inspiration Gala and it was announced that $4.2 million had been raised to launch immunotherapy clinical trials at the BC Cancer Agency.


Dr. Julian Lum: Giving Immune Cells an Advantage

Hello, I’m Dr. Julian Lum and I’m delighted to return as a BC Cancer Foundation blogger.

I’ve been a scientist at the Deeley Research Centre (DRC) since 2008 and am also an assistant professor in the department of biochemistry and microbiology at the University of Victoria. I began my career in the field of translational HIV/AIDS immunology research, and subsequently moved to doing...

Culturing T Cells for Clinical Trials

Hello, my name is Victoria Hodgson and I’m very pleased to be blogging this month!

Currently, I work as a research assistant at the Deeley Research Centre (DRC) for the upcoming T cell adoptive therapy clinical trials. I joined the team in March 2015 following the completion of my degree in Biochemistry at the University of Victoria.

Before coming to the DRC, I conducted research...

Dr. Anna Tinker: Enrolling Patients in Immunotherapy Clinical Trials

Hello, I’m Dr. Anna Tinker and like Dr. Nelson, I’m happy to be returning to the BC Cancer Foundation blog this month, to share with you our plans for upcoming immunotherapy clinical trials.

As a medical oncologist at the BC Cancer Agency, I’ll be working closely with the DRC team and also with patients, to enroll those eligible and willing to take part in a phase I immunotherapy trial...

Hello from Dr. Brad Nelson and Introducing the Immunotherapy Clinical Trials Team

Hi everyone,

I’m very pleased to be returning to the BC Cancer Foundation blog for the month of October!

This time around, I wanted to introduce some of my colleagues who will be leading the upcoming immunotherapy clinical trials at the BC Cancer Agency, so you can see how this world-class team of scientists and technicians are coming together to make immunotherapy clinical...

Dr. Marcel Bally: A Look at the Future of Cancer Treatment

Looking into the future for me is always about looking backwards.

When I first became interested in using drug delivery systems for cancer treatment over 30 years ago, one of the hottest research topics concerned “antibody-conjugated toxic drugs” (antibodies are proteins that can be designed to recognize cancer cells).

This research idea faltered and stumbled because our immune...

Pancreatic Cancer and the Immune System

Earlier this week, I wrote about some of the new chemotherapies that are being developed to treat pancreatic cancer more effectively.

Another major area of new drug research in pancreatic cancer is immunotherapy: finding ways to activate the body’s immune system to contain or attack the cancer cells.

There are a number of different methods that are being investigated to activate...


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