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Clinical Trials: An Inspiring Story

I received some distressing news yesterday. One of my friends, I’ll call him “B”, is in hospital. From what I was told, he’s had a heart attack and is in very serious condition. My thoughts are with B and his loving wife.

This worrying news made me reflect back on my relationship with B. We’ve known each other for over six years, he was a...

What is a Clinical Trial?

As I prepare to write this second entry into the blog, I’ve come to the realization that I could write pages and pages about clinical trials (it’s my passion, after all) and flood you with what I thought was important. Instead I’m going to write a little, and hope that it raises questions which I’ll be happy to try and answer. Let me know if I’m making...

Hi and Happy New Year from Dr. Bernie Eigl

Hi and Happy New Year, 

My name is Bernie Eigl, and I’m really excited to be the blogger this month. I’d like to first thank the BC Cancer Foundation for providing this opportunity for some of the amazing people in our organization to talk about what they do and why, and how partners like the Foundation make this possible.

The fact that you are here reading this, and I am here...

Introducing Guest Blogger Dr. Bernie Eigl

Hello everyone, 

Thank you to our December guest blogger Dr.Kirpal Kohli for finishing off the year with an exciting glimpse into the world of medical physics and radiotherapy at the BC Cancer Agency. 

I'm very pleased to welcome our first guest blogger for 2013, Dr. Bernie Eigl. Dr. Eigl is a medical oncologist at the BC Cancer Agency and has recently returned to Vancouver from...


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