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Introducing July guest blogger Dr. Daniel Renouf

Thank you to Dr. Ma for updating us on the status of VERO at BC Cancer. It is exciting to read about the first patient procedure that took place and to know that our generous donors are fuelling this progress.  

We are pleased to welcome back to our blog Dr. Daniel Renouf, medical oncologist and co-director of Pancreas Centre BC, for the month of July.

Dr. Renouf will discuss...

The Future of Pancreatic Cancer Research

Hello everyone,

It’s been great blogging this month and this is my final post. Over the last several weeks I’ve talked about some of the exciting areas of research we’re working on in pancreatic cancer. This is a cancer with very few effective treatments and research into new treatments and detection methods is urgently needed.

Pancreatic cancer was a cancer that historically did...

Clinical Trials for Pancreatic Cancer at the BC Cancer Agency

Hello everyone,

We’ve had a very exciting week since the last post! The Inspiration Gala was an incredible event, with over $3.5 million raised for cancer research. My colleagues and I are truly inspired by and thankful for the generosity that led to this amazing achievement. We’re also very excited about the upcoming research initiatives in pancreatic cancer.

I work as...

Dr. Daniel Renouf: My Journey to the BC Cancer Agency

Hello everyone,

I’m Dan Renouf, a medical oncologist and clinical researcher at the BC Cancer Agency. The areas I focus on include the treatment of pancreatic cancer, and the development of new therapies to treat cancer.

In this first blog post I want to start by telling you a bit about myself: I grew up in Edmonton and did my medical school training at the University of Alberta—...

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