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Cutting-edge research driven by patient experience

Holding leadership roles at the BC Cancer Agency means that much of my time is spent in meetings and teleconference calls.

This may sound boring, but meeting with other physicians and health care practitioners is essential to delivering state-of-the-art, quality oncology care with a patient-centred approach, which is very important to all of us the BC Cancer Agency.


Prostate cancer clinical trials yield promise

Hello, I’m Dr. Kim Nguyen Chi, medical oncologist at the BC Cancer Agency – Vancouver Centre where I’m also the Regional Medical Director.

My specialty area is prostate cancer for both my clinical work and research activities. My research is focused on clinical trials and development of biomarkers. Clinical trials are research involving people with cancer where we are trying to...

PET/CT Brings Hope for Future

To wrap up my blog, I’d like to highlight two exciting ways that the use of PET imaging is evolving:

  1. Medical isotopes are being investigated in Vancouver and at sites around the world to provide more specific options for imaging and treating cancer; and
  2. Theranostics—the integration of diagnostics and therapeutics in the individualized management of disease—holds...

Interpreting PET/CT Images to Offer the Best Cancer Treatment

Positron Emission Tomography/Computed Tomography, or PET/CT, is an imaging method that uses a sophisticated machine to generate images of patients following the injection of very small amounts of a medical isotope.

As a Radiologist and Nuclear Medicine physician in the Functional Imaging Department at BC Cancer, my primary role is to interpret the PET/CT images obtained on one of the...

BC Cancer Foundation Donors: Helping to Elevate Care for Cancer Patients in B.C.

Working at the BC Cancer Agency is a privilege. It is gratifying to deliver the best care possible to patients, yet challenges remain. We don't have good options for all patients yet and the search for better care tools continues to energize my peers and I. VERO and SABR are an example of this quest. The implementation of this new treatment technology will be done in parallel with our renewed...

A Significant Role: How BC Cancer Foundation Donors Support the BC Cancer Agency

The BC Cancer Foundation is a valuable partner to the BC Cancer Agency. By supporting the work of scientists and clinicians, BC Cancer Foundation donors are helping to reduce the impact of cancer on the community and elevate the excellence of BC Cancer Agency centres across the province.

I arrived in B.C. in 2003. At that time, prostate cancer was primarily treated via surgery or...

Improving Options for Patients: Bringing the Best Radiotherapy Technology to B.C.

As I mentioned in my last post, I do less research now than earlier in my career. However when I do have time for research questions, they often relate to health operations research: how can we improve what we do to improve the patients’ experience, improve the patient outcome or to improve efficiency so that we can reduce wait times. I continue to pursue research particularly in lung cancer...

Dr. Ross Halperin: Wearing Several Hats at the BC Cancer Agency

Hello, my name is Ross Halperin. I am the proud father of three wonderful children (Talia 6, Ava 9 and Zane 11) and the fortunate husband of Dr. M. Dani Sarbit. Currently I serve as the Interim Provincial Professional Practice Leader for Radiation Therapy, Functional Imaging, Oral Oncology and Surgery at the BC Cancer Agency. I have worked most of my career as a radiation oncologist - first in...

The Future: Achieving new possibilities by using all the tools available to us

This is my last post for the month.  I hope you have enjoyed my posts!

I am currently working on a presentation for the radiation therapists and nurses in radiation oncology.  The presentation will be an update on our brachytherapy programs for gynaecological cancers.  We have been developing several new techniques and want to ensure everyone is up to speed.

The last slide of my...


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