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Innovative therapies are changing radiation treatment

Dr. Elaine Wai is a radiation oncologist and head of the radiation therapy department at BC Cancer – Victoria. She has been treating patients with breast and lung cancer, lymphoma and myeloma since 2001. 

Dr. Wai plays an active role in clinical research. Some of her studies have been directly funded through BC Cancer Foundation donors and she is motivated by the...

How the iPad is revolutionizing cancer care in British Columbia

British Columbia’s northern region is vast at over 600,000 km2 (approximately the size of France) and home to nearly 300,000 people, half of whom are now expected to face cancer in their lifetime. This means that there is an urgent need to develop newer and more effective methods to deliver and monitor treatment.

Over the last five years my research team has lead two...

My journey to the BC Cancer Vancouver Island Centre


My name is Sam Kader and I’m excited to be blogging for the BC Cancer Foundation leading up to Jingle Mingle on November 30, proceeds from which will help advance research and enhance care at the BC Cancer, Vancouver Island Centre.

My father was a high school biology teacher. He instilled in me a strong interest in science. When I was growing up, and was quite young then...

First patient treated with VERO

It is very exciting for me to share with you that the first patient was treated using VERO last week. It was a true testament of the power of philanthropy to improve patient outcomes.

The first patient treated with VERO is a patient with cancer of the bile duct. We opted to treat them using VERO because of the pivoting ring feature of the machine, which allowed us to maneuver the...

Multi-Tasking at the BC Cancer Agency

As a radiation oncologist, my days are quite busy and I have both clinical and research duties. My primary role as a clinician is to provide the most patient-centric care. I use evidence-based data from the latest research and clinical trials to present potential treatment options, benefits and risks to my patients. My patients are always partners in this decision making and together we map...

Brachytherapy at the BC Cancer Agency Abbotsford Centre

When I came for my job interview at the BC Cancer Agency Abbotsford Centre, I was quite impressed with a state-of-the-art centre that is directly connected with the Abbotsford Hospital. Indeed, the hospital is the first in western Canada to have a cancer centre integrated in its design from the ground up.

I was very excited to join the Abbotsford Centre’s radiation therapy group and...

Coming to Canada to Train in Radiation Oncology

I chose to come to Canada for many reasons. I didn’t need to do much research to find out that Canadian universities are among the best internationally and have a strong reputation for high quality. Needless to say, peace, stability and multiculturalism also attracted me to this country. I wanted to do training in oncology and I landed in Montreal with my husband in the winter of 2003. It was...

Dr. Maha Almahmudi: The Beginnings of My Career in Medicine

Hello, my name is Dr. Maha Almahmudi - I am a radiation oncologist at the BC Cancer Agency Abbotsford Centre and I am pleased to be your guest blogger for February!

I grew up in North Africa, in Libya. Growing up in Libya in the 1980s during the dictatorship of the Colonel Gaddafi was hard. There was no freedom and because of Gaddafi’s actions such as supporting international terrorism...

How BC Cancer Foundation Donors Support Research on Vancouver Island

Hello again! This week I want to tell you about how BC Cancer Foundation donors have supported our research. While I will focus on how this has happened in Victoria, donors have helped across the province in all six BC Cancer Agency centres.

In 2002, an important commitment was made by the BC Cancer Foundation to support the salary of a medical physicist for two years. The Department of...


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