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From Québec to B.C.: My Journey to a Career in Oncology

Dear July readers, this is my first blogging adventure.  I was asked to take part of this blog by the BC Cancer Foundation, and for the next month, I will do my best to keep you interested while sharing what I consider the most important elements of my work and experiences.

I suggest that we start from the beginning: my name is François Bachand and, not surprisingly, I am from Québec. I...

An Introduction to Pathology and Biobanking

In my previous post I described how I came to be a pathologist, scientist, and a biobanker. My colleagues have written fascinating posts about their roles on this blog. Many are scientists, some are pathologists and a few are biobankers too, but I don't think they explained the last two roles. So I will fill in that gap today:

Cancer patients meet many people at the BC Cancer Agency who...

Dr. Frances Wong: My Journey to a Career in Cancer Medicine

One’s life journey is full of twists and turns. Very often, the path taken is influenced by decisions at critical points which become obvious only in hind sight.

I was born in Hong Kong to a middle class family. We initially lived in a rural area and I went to a Chinese language primary school. It was at my brother’s insistence that I applied to an English language secondary school....

Dr. Karen Goddard: About Me and my Practice

As a radiation oncologist at the BC Cancer Agency, I find my work really interesting and challenging. I am a full time clinician and have a very busy practice which includes caring for adult lung cancer, adult sarcoma and pediatric oncology patients. In addition, I organize long term follow-up for many adults who were previously treated for childhood cancer.

I grew up in the north of...

A Glimpse into the Future of Cancer Research and Care

Dear readers - thank you so much for returning to my fourth and final blog post. This week I have an opportunity to reflect on some of the revolutions in cancer treatment that I have personally witnessed over the past two decades and speak a little on what I think our future might look like.

I graduated from medical school in 1993, and started training in radiation oncology that same...

Dr. Jonn Wu: My Background in Cancer Research and Care

Thank you for visiting my blog! I am delighted to have this opportunity to share some of my background and thoughts with you.

Although I was born in Taipei, Taiwan, which sounds very exciting, my parents and I moved to Vancouver, B.C. before my first birthday. I spent most of my youth in Burnaby, B.C. and graduated from Burnaby South Senior Secondary - the original campus - which dates...

Welcome Dr. Juanita Crook

Hi everyone,

Thank you to our August guest blogger Kelsie Thu for providing great insight into never-smoker lung cancer research at the BC Cancer Agency. We wish her great success as she continues her studies in this important area of cancer research.

And now, please join me in welcoming our guest blogger for September, Dr. Juanita Crook. Dr. Crook is a radiation oncologist at...

Looking ahead: Proud to be a partner in discovery

I am now in a leadership role where my time is half administration and half clinical practice. The latter allows me to still test medical hypotheses through clinical research and to still see patients most days of the week, which I love. I got into oncology because of the connection with patients and would hate to lose that.

What I like about being in a leadership role is that I can...

The Technical Stuff: Radiation Oncology and Brachytherapy

After my discovery of a passion for oncology, I discovered a second passion for a specific type of radiation treatment called brachytherapy (pronounced brak-e-therapy). The most common type of brachytherapy, low-dose rate (LDR) brachytherapy, involves the implantation of microscopic radiation sources or “seeds” directly into or around a tumour. This means that a patient does not have to come...


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