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We Can Change the Cancer Story, as a Community

September 16, 2022

A message from Miranda Lam, BC Cancer Foundation Campaign Cabinet Director & Chief Legal Officer, and Senior Director, Business Development, Acuitas Therapeutics, Inc.

The Beyond Belief Campaign is an unprecedented opportunity for us, the community, to lend a much needed hand to those who are building a world free from cancer. It’s our chance to be part of the story. Let’s not sit on the sidelines.

Miranda Lam, Cabinet Chair

When we think of cancer care, we see brave patients, dedicated care givers and determined researchers. For the vast majority of us who don’t work in these environments it’s hard for us to see how we can make a difference, how we can help.

But we can. In fact we can do more than we ever thought possible.

This campaign is called Beyond Belief not just because of its scope and ambition, but because cancer research and care has advanced so much in just the last five years that it’s no longer a conversation about limitations, it’s about possibilities.

After joining the campaign myself, I learned quickly that these possibilities exist directly because of community and donor impact — people who stepped up, who gave time, funding and resources to BC Cancer’s world-leading teams as they pursue breakthroughs that used to be impossible.

I started to imagine what might happen if all of us stepped forward to do the same. Imagine if we all asked questions to better understand our cancer system’s challenges and needs. Imagine if all of us who could invested in the innovation and research going on right here in our backyard at BC Cancer.

What if we all believed that the impossible can be made possible if we work together?

I originally committed to participating in this campaign because like for so many of us, cancer is personal. Too many family and friends, at all ages and stages, in my life have faced cancer. The statistics say that eventually, cancer will be personal for everyone.

But the opportunity that comes with this campaign is to take all of our personal stories, and write a new one that’s provincial. One that says we’re going to do something together that will change the face of cancer care and treatment in B.C. and beyond.

As science advances, our cancer care system improves. It reaches more people, offers new options, and kindles new hope.

A little over a decade ago doctors didn’t know how to tailor a pancreatic cancer treatment to a specific patient. Only the boldest clinicians, researchers and donors believed we could do more. Now, there are more than five different methods — with more in development. This is the direct result of an engaged donor community.

This is also an illustration of how much the cancer story can change when we all push as one. I see Beyond Belief as our chance to do it again, but bigger, and for everyone.

I call on you to join us in this unprecedented campaign. There are so many ways you can participate: through giving, fundraising, sharing your story, and rallying your own network to step forward and take part.

I believe there will be a future in which all of us are free from cancer. If we all do our part right here and now, that future will be within our reach much sooner than we think.

Let’s go beyond belief.

Donate now and we will go Beyond Belief together.